Best Value Enrolment Kits

To make getting started with your natural solutions journey simple and economical dōTERRA have created various enrolment kits. These kits offer the very best value with prices below wholesale, and waive the usual$35 account opening fee.

Shipping costs are reimbursed to your wholesale account as points which may be redeemed for free products.

Upon taking this valuable step in your wellness journey you’ll be welcomed into the Tiny Sprout Wellness team to receive support from myself and our community. There’s always someone to turn to with questions and ideas for using your essential oils, plus isn’t it fun to have a group of beautiful souls to share your successes and challenges with? I can’t wait to welcome you to the group, you’re going so nurtured and inspired.

There are enrolment kits to suit both personal and business needs, these are our most popular.

The Home Essential Kit

By far our most popular kit, and with good reason! This kit contains 10 of the most in-demand essential oils plus a diffuser (therapeutic grade essential oils are best cold diffused rather than burned), and will get you started with looking after your every day physical, emotional, cleaning, DIY, kids and cooking needs.
There’s something for everything in this kit, including frankincense, the King of Oils. On its own this truly magnificent oil is $114.13, so you can already see the value in this kit.

Inclusions: Lavender, peppermint, tea tree, frankincense, oregano, lemon, Easy Air (respiratory blend), DigestZen (digestive blend), On Guard (protective blend), Ice Blue (soothing blend), Petal diffuser, introductory pack and enrolment.
Investment: $330.00 (Three times the volume of oil compared to the Essential Collection Kit for less than twice the price. Now that’s value.)

Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

Moment by moment support for every emotion is right here. You’ll never again feel helpless to support big emotions in yourself and your family, these blends are also wonderful for children. No need to think about which essential oils to blend, the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit contains six blends which are perfectly selected for every need.

Inclusions: Motivate (encouraging blend), Cheer (uplifting blend), Peace (reassuring blend), Console (comforting blend), Passion (inspiring blend), Forgive (renewing blend), Petal diffuser, introductory pack, enrolment.
Investment: 310.00

Touch Enrolment Kit

Nine of the most needed essential oils for every home are ready go to in this kit. These are pre-prepared roller bottles perfectly diluted in fractionated coconut oil for topical use. No mess, no fuss, just ready to go essential oils at your fingertips. Perfect for easy use with little ones and super handy for travelling.

Inclusions: Lavender Touch, Peppermint Touch, Tea Tree Touch, Frankincense Touch, Oregano Touch, Oregano Touch, Easy Air Touch, DigestZen Touch, On Guard Touch, Ice Blue Touch, On Guard beadlets, peppermint beadlets, introductory pack and enrolment.
Investment: $300.00

Oil Sharing Kit

If you are a practitioner or run your own business or you’re interested in the opportunity to share the gift of essential oils with others or build a dōTERRA business this is the ultimate kit. You’ll absolutely hit the ground running with being able to gift samples, incorporate the essential oils into your business and support your family in the most incredible ways.

Inclusions: One bottle of each: Oregano, Lavender Peace (calming blend), Elevation (joyful blend), Citrus Bliss (invigorating blend), cilantro and grapefruit.
Two bottles of each: Frankincense, wild orange, AromaTouch (massage blend), Balance (grounding blend), PastTense (tension blend), Smart & Sassy (metabolic blend).
Three Bottles of each: Lemon, tea tree, peppermint, DigestZen (digestive blend), lavender, Easy Air (respiratory blend), On Guard (protective blend), Ice Blue (soothing blend).

Plus a Petal diffuser, 5 x sheets of cap stickers, fractionated coconut oil, 8 vial key chain, introductory pack and enrolment.

AND free product points worth over $200 to spend on whatever you like!
Investment: $1,390.00

Ready to join us and bring empowerment into your home? Send me a message, or click here, select “join and save” and let’s get started.

Haven’t found the right combination for you to start with? Please contact me and we can customise an enrolment order for you.