Using Essential Oils

There are three ways to use essential oils.


>> Aromatic use of essential oils is the fastest way to effect emotional change. Simply opening the bottle and inhaling deeply triggers the olfactory bulb which sends signals to the limbic system in the brain. This creates a reaction to release neurochemicals and relax, sedate or stimilate depending on the oil used.

>> Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG) essential oils may be cold diffused but shouldn’t be burned as this damages the therapeutic qualities of the oil.

>> Use your essential oils as an aromatic anchor. If you have an intention for the day, a goal or something you are trying to remain mindful of use your chosen essential oil as an anchor – each time you smell the aroma you will be reminded of your intention and more easily re-focus.


>> Essential oils are transdermal, meaning they are absorbed through the skin and carried through the blood stream to affect change at a cellular level. This is so incredibly powerful, because it means that we aren’t just masking symptoms or presenting another challenge for the body to process. Rather, the body is provided with support to assist with physical and emotional needs. Amazing, right?

> Have you ever thought about the chemicals and artificial fragrances that go into making commercial perfumes? Even the expensive department store brands contain toxins with side effects that would make your toes curl. Give your endocrine system a break by ditching all of that, and making your own personalised pure-fume instead. Essential oils and a quality carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil is all you need. Honestly, it’s so easy and you’ll have all the therapeutic benefits of essential oils while smelling divine. Perfect.


>> Being Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG), dōTERRA’s essential oils are beyond food grade. There are 28 oils which are sensational in cooking and add a depth of flavour that will blow you away. Think peppermint bliss balls, wild orange and cardamom fudge, lemon cheesecake, butter chicken and bolognese sauce like no other. Check out the recipes tab of my website for some other ideas.

>> The range of nutritional supplements also uses dōTERRA’s essential oils. These are specifically designed to support physical and mental health for children and adults and, like all products in the range, are of the highest quality.

Decide your intention for using your essential oils and be conscious of what you’re wanting to achieve, then decide on the most suitable method of use.