There’s an oil for that…

What’s going on for your family? Big emotions, occasional physical discomfort, immune system challenges, little ones starting school? Did the cat wee somewhere he wasn’t meant to? Looking to cut costs and toxins with cleaning?

Whatever your needs there’s a natural solution to support you, and I’d love to help you find it.

If you’re new to essential oils and keen to explore the possibilities please contact me . We’ll arrange a time time chat about your wellness priorities so I understand your needs then we can work through the products that would benefit you best. Essential oil safety is important so I only send samples after I’ve had an opportunity to understand you needs. There are lots of free samples sites out there but I need to say, that’s just not me. I’m about support and a long term view to help individuals and families reduce their toxic load and learn about natural solutions.

💛 If you’ve been working with another Wellness Advocate or someone has already introduced you to dōTERRA please speak with them further to request a sample and discuss your needs. They love you and want to see you thrive, and would be very happy to support you.

🌱 If you aren’t yet connected to a Wellness Advocate I’d be delighted to support you, please just send me a message and let’s get you started.