Ethical Essential Oils

So what are these precious liquids?

>> Essential oils are potent, aromatic compounds found naturally in plants. The oil sacks are visible under a microscope and are what provide the plant with a natural ability to heal itself and ward off environmental threats. You know how we plant basil beside tomato plants for its protective qualities? That’s the essential oil at work.
>> Pure essential oils are 50 – 70 times stronger than their herbal equivalent. For example, one drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to approximately 28 cups of herbal tea.

>> The essential oil is extracted from the plant by steam distillation (eg. peppermint) or by cold pressing (eg. grapefruit rind).

>> As far as “new age trends” go, essential oils aren’t so new. Ancient civilisations such as the Chinese and Egyptians are known to have prized essential oils. For around 6,000 years essential oils have been used medicinally, in food preparation, as part of beauty treatments and to maintain personal health. There are even references to essential oils in the Bible with frankincense and myrrh given at the birth of Christ.

>> Essential oils have a chemical composition that is similar to human cells which makes them easily recognised and accepted by the body.

>> Essential oils are incredible for supporting physical and emotional wellbeing and provide a range of benefits for the whole family.