Self care isn’t selfish or extravagant – it’s a necessity. We can’t be the best versions of ourselves, live consciously or serve others when our cup is empty. We open ourselves up to greater contentment and a higher vibration when we are able to nurture ourselves and feel that we aren’t always putting ourselves last.

It’s not “me first” it’s “me too”.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily juggle and realistically I understand how many demands there are on the same 24 hours in the day. As mummas we need to extract more out of every minute and it’s easy for self care to drop off the priority list.

Here are five easy ways to nurture yourself every day.

1. Pay attention to something you usually do on auto-pilot. Teeth brushing, driving to work, folding the washing, cooking dinner, washing your hair. These are ideal opportunities to bring mindfulness into your day and be present.

2. Use a pure-fume. Even on trackies days when the tiny ones are demanding and you haven’t had time to brush your hair, spray or roll on a pure-fume made from certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils of your choice. It will make you feel fresher, you’ll receive the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils and you can use the aroma to anchor your thoughts to that place of self care.

3. Breathe. Deeply, and with an awareness of your mind and body. Physically this oxygenates the body and emotionally it brings you into the present. Focus on breathing through the nose and deep into the belly rather than the upper chest. This simple practice is enhanced greatly with the addition of a mantra or affirmation and has the ability to shift your pattern of thoughts in just a few seconds.

4. Practice gratitude. Sometimes our blessings are grand and obvious and sometimes they are subtleties that we need to pay attention for to notice. Did the perfect autumn the breeze blow through the kitchen while you were dealing with the mountain of dishes? Did you receive a message from a friend just saying hello? Whatever it is allow space for it and acknowledge it. Gratitude has a compounding effect – the more you practice it the more the universe seems to work with us.

5. Call it a day. Let go of the rest of the to-do list and colour in with the kids, read the magazine that’s been sitting on the bedside table for weeks, make a cuppa, potter in the garden or do that thing that always gets pushed to the bottom of the list. The cleaning can wait.

Little bits frequently is the key.

Whole day spa indulgences are amazing, but they aren’t the norm and you deserve nurturing every day. You’ll feel more connected to yourself and your world and notice small pleasures more easily.

And so the shift begins. 

What nurturing will you start with today?